Welcome to Christian Triumph Company

Promoting Evangelism Worldwide through the Distribution of Christian Literature

For more than 80 years, Christian Triumph Church and Company have been partnering with God-called supporters to send Bible literature to Latin America and Spanish, English and Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa, as well as some Caribbean and European countries, and here in the United States.

We offer free of charge: a monthly English newsletter, The Faith Messenger; a quarterly Spanish newsletter El Mensajero de Esperanza; tracts and assorted booklets; a Spanish ministry preparation correspondence course.

Would you like to receive one of our free publications or order literature? Contact us today.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to Christian Triumph Company

  1. Deseo tomar el curso de teología, espero me envíe los datos para inscribirme como decia en YouTube que entrará aquí para inscribirme y no veo en donde sea, gracias Cd de México mara del valle

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