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We currently offer the following tracts in large quantities. We also have other assorted tracts in smaller quantities. In your order, please specify if you would like an assortment of tracts or larger quantities of a particular tract.

HOPELESS A young woman suffering from a childhood of abuse finds herself making one risky choice after another. Life seems hopeless; no one cares, no one except the Creator of the Universe who lifts her out of the black hole of despair.

MY TRUE STORY  The story begins with a little boy sobbing as his Dad throws him on the bed. It continues with him witnessing domestic violence as his mother is beaten. Life only worsens as anger, drinking and fighting consume his adult life. Is there any hope? How did this young man end up as a Pastor in Texas?

CAN YOU ACCEPT AGING? Writer Maude Burkett reminds us in this tract that God dearly loves the aged, bestowing on them special promises of love and care. In God’s plan for long life, God includes His mercy and special service for His aging children. They continue to bring forth fruit and discover fulfillment as a result.

EXCUSES AND SCRIPTURAL ANSWERS 27 excuses for not accepting God’s gift of salvation. Following each excuse are scriptures revealing God’s answers and guidance in receiving a Savior Who restores our relationship with our Creator.

HOW A CHURCH WAS SET ON FIRE A church with a “year round slump” discovers that earnest prayer not only changes its members but also sends the Spirit of Revival into the town and the countryside.

Ever wondered how to handle a visit from Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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