As Relevant to Today as Ever!

We’re pleased to announce the re-release of one of our most requested books in Spanish: El Hogar Feliz. We have digitized it so it’s now available for online reading, as well as in print. I was struck by how relevant the message continues to be. I would have never known it to be a product of the 70s, had I not come across one statistic with a date on it. God’s wisdom is eternal and always applicable.

Hogar Feliz by Reverend Tomas Allen


One thought on “As Relevant to Today as Ever!

  1. I want to order Walking Man, by Narciso Zamora, 1 copy in ENglish and 1 in Spanish, and 1 copy of Hogar Feliz in SPanish. Please send to Tabita Kurrle, Bella Vista, Itapua, Paraguay, but let me know the price, and I will mail you a check for the cost plus shipping, while I am in the U.s. till Oct. 25. Thank you TABITA KURRLE

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