Is Genesis History?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I guess we’ll be asking this question until Jesus comes back, and most recently, it was the subject of a new movie that had limited release in theaters and will likely be available on DVD soon.

We would like to add a little something to this discussion with the following downloadable PDF document entitled: “Genesis and Evolution,” by William L. Anderson, grandson of our founders L.Y. and Una Janes. William wrote this article while pursuing a Ph.D. in biology at University of Texas.

Says William: “I think I spent more time reading about evolution than plant physiology in grad school. This was a summary of the best arguments I encountered at the time. There are thousands of proofs of the impossibility of evolution at the broad base of the upside down pyramid, but the whole thing starts with a false premise, and builds from there as imagination runs wild. Fact is, life is much too interconnected and complicated to have just have fallen together by accident.”

Please download this article and share widely!

Genesis and Evolution ThumbnailGenesis and Evolution



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