Sights and Sounds of Christian Worship in India

Enjoy this short video of the recent trip of Donna Schillinger and Gwendolyn Anderson to visit Christian Triumph ministry Partners, Mount Olive Foundation, in Southern India. Read more about these visits and the work in India in the November and December issues of The Faith Messenger.


2 thoughts on “Sights and Sounds of Christian Worship in India

  1. we are all happy here at Christian triumph Church At Lagos Nigeria
    me and all the members Christian triumph at Lagos Nigeria is Happy; we saw your wonderful works . especially in the Area of Evangelism . truly you have filled the missions work we here in Lagos Nigeria is looking upon you to fill our own evangelistic mission

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Ekpo, for your report from Nigeria. We are honored to partner with the believers in Lagos at Christian Triumph Church. I pray God’s protection, provision and blessing over your congregation. It’s our hope and desire to come to visit you some day so we can encourage each other in person! Donna Schillinger, Outreach Coordinator

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